Cotton Candy Dreams (Customise your own colours and flavour!)

RM 238.00

When Lilian puts two of her favourite cotton candy colours together, a dreamy pastel vintage cake is born! And this is our first ever colour-customisable cake option!

More info:

- Cake size: 7" (8-12 slices)

- Cake flavour: Available in Houjicha / Earl Grey / Cocoa Coffee / Black Sesame

- Piping design: Twisty piping on top and bottom with dual-colour ribbon skirting on the side  (Colour is customisable)

Additional info

- The color of the lettering will be our featured color of the day. If you prefer a different color, kindly specify in the remarks section. However, please note that alternative colors are subject to availability.

- Photo is for illustration purpose only, colours may vary depending on different lighting.